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Gobichettipalayam is simply called as "Gobi". In this station, there is an important place called "Pariyur". In the City , there is a most important temple called "Kondathu Kaliamman Temple". Here, the Goddess Kaliamman gives her blessings to her devotees. Pariyur is situated 4 kms away from Gobi, - Anthiyur Road. To decide anything, they keep two different colours of flowers in front of the goddess Kaliyamman. The decision depends upon the chosen flower. The total area of the temple covers around 5 acres and the temple is built with marbles. In 1942, "Kumbabhishegam" was performed at this temple.
Inside the temple, we can see the statues of "Brammahi, Maheshwari,Gowmari, Vaishnavi, Mahendri and Chamundi. An old man named Gobi Chetti, went to this station from Pariyur and hence it was named "Gobichettipalayam".

Once, the people were affected by an evil disease, and they had many causalities and remaining people moved to other areas. As a result of this the famous goddess, a temple named "Kaliamman" was erected. Outside the temple Siddhi Vinayagar, Saptha Kannigai, Pongaliamman keep giving blessings to the devotees.
                            Visiting Times  :   6 a.m. to 1.00 p.m.  and  4 p.m. to 8 p.m.
                            Phone Number :   22010
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